Electrovert Cleaners

Aquastorm series cleaners were introduced in 1996. With over 600 total units installed worldwide, the Aquastorm is considered the industry’s best for precision cleaning performance, quality construction, and life cycle durability. Superb design, robust construction, and quality engineering have ensured the long history and success of the Aquastorm. Combined with innovative features, technologies and performance, the Aquastorm continues to be the industry leader and benchmark for cleaners in the industry.

Aquastorm 200 Stainless Steel In-line

The Aquastorm 200 Stainless Steel is the ultimate in process flexibility and performance. The dual wash tank design allows dual chemistry mode, combo DI and chemistry mode, and/or a combined 2.75 meters (9 feet) of a dynamic wash section.

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Aquastorm 200 In-line

The Electrovert Aquastorm 200 is a versatile, high performance cleaning system designed to optimize the PCB cleaning process while minimizing overall cost.

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Aquastorm 100 In-line

The Aquastorm 100, in its compact size, is ideally suited to RMA and no-clean de-flux applications that require chemistry, as well as removal of water-soluble organic acid flux.

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Aquastorm 60 In-line

The Aquastorm 60 precision cleaning system provides a technology based solution with field proven performance and reliability in a small footprint.

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Aquastorm 50 Batch

The Aquastorm 50 batch type precision cleaner maximizes the dynamic energy delivered at the board surface and effectively cleans under difficult, low stand-off components.

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MicroCel Centrifugal Cleaner

The MicroCel centrifugal cleaning system provides comprehensive cleaning of electronic circuit assemblies, medical devices, wafers, advanced packages, and hybrid electronics. The MicroCel is used in semiconductor, microelectronics, parts cleaning, and wet cleaning prior to wire bonding type applications.

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