With a rich heritage in soldering technology, ELECTROVERT was founded in 1951 and introduced wave soldering to North America in 1957. And, this history includes an impressive record of technological innovation, including the patented Lambda Wave, Dual Wave/Dual Pump solder modules, inert boundary soldering, the rotary chip wave, Vectaheat forced convection preheat, UltraFill and DwellMax nozzle technology, and ExactaWave precision wave height control. ELECTROVERT reflow systems benefit from a focus on energy efficiency and reduced nitrogen consumption, along with the award-winning Intelligent Flux Control with RunMax Technology. The inline cleaner line features innovations such as the Hurricane Jet nozzle, synergistic pump and nozzle technology, and enhanced drying with ElectroAir air knives and the Torrid Zone.

Today, ELECTROVERT is the worldwide leading producer of wave and reflow soldering systems and inline aqueous cleaners. A continual focus on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly processes, such as lead-free soldering and closed-loop cleaning, ensure ELECTROVERT products will meet the demands of tomorrow.